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Featuring the ministry of K. Sean Buvala.
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Now is the time to book VFN to provide additional support to your ministry at your church or school.

"Voices from the Noise" (VFN) is a one man theatrical presentation performed by K. Sean Buvala, a twenty-five year veteran of national performing arts ministry. Sean presents several men and women of scripture to reflect on the life and ministry of Jesus in a manner that is especially good for the Lenten (pre Easter) season. The presentation is appropriate for adults and teenagers. VFN can be adapted for your Sunday services but we do not suggest the performance for children.

Why do we suggest mature audiences? As an example, think about the story of King David and Bathsheba. It's a story of lust, adultery, deceit and forgiveness. In VFN, this "shadow story" is laid open in all its darkness and its ultimate light. Most audience members comment on the intensity of the characters and language, stating that characters are more "real" than anything else they have seen in a ministry setting. Peter speaks as a "seen it all" dock worker, Pilate as a worn-out, jaded and angry military official and the "woman at the well" as one who has seen many men come into her life only to take what they want and leave.

With an approximately 45 minute running time, it can do well for the message at your service, youth group meeting, retreat presentation, class, adult bible study and other functions. VFN can also be adapted for a day, evening or weekend retreat. With several decades of speaking and retreat leading experience, Sean can present activities, prayer and discussions based on the VFN presentation.

VFN features stories such as The Dry Bones, King David, Temptations, Pilate, Peter, Woman at the Well, Lazarus and The Bold Woman. Each character speaks in a vernacular, non Christian-ese manner in a language that touches, instigates, stirs up and challenges the heart and soul. There are no easy or cheesy resolutions to the internal conflicts that the stories experience.

Please contact us today to learn more. You can reach Sean at 623.298.4548. Please Email us at sean@storyteller.net.

Although specifically written for the Lenten season, VFN can be presented at any time of year. It is good fit for contemplative events as well.

"Voices from the Noise" is easy to host at your location. You need to provide a wooden stool, a six-foot ladder, a well lit location and, if needed, a sound system that can use Sean's wireless headset microphone. Designed to be affordable and fairly priced for all involved, we are sure you will find VFN an important addition to your reaching, teaching and preaching this year. As a well-travelled presenter, Sean has the VFN presentation available throughout the U.S. and Canada.

About K. Sean Buvala:
Storyteller K. Sean Buvala transcends the labels we put on our congregations such as modern, post modern, gen-x, boomers, greatest generation, gen-z, grunge, slackers, emergent, preps, jocks, goths, preps, and whatever other titles we have created. Guided by the Spirit, Sean calls on two decades of national performance experience in stage and story to speak and pray with heart and meaning with your adults, teenagers and older children.

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