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Tim Ereneta

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Traditional Stories for Contemporary Audiences

Tim Ereneta is a storyteller based in the San Francisco Bay Area, who brings to life old fairy tales for modern audiences. But don’t expect pixie dust, unicorns, and rainbows. Tim tells the stories with all their gory details: where parents abandon their children in the woods to witches and monsters, and happy endings include villains "getting the axe."

Based in Berkeley, California, Storyteller Tim Ereneta brings to life classic and forgotten fairy tales from a modern perspective, available for storytelling and spoken word events, or as a one-man solo performance for house concerts, conferences, and theatrical venues.

An experienced presenter for family audiences, Tim enjoys sharing lesser known European wonder tales and world folk tales to the delight of listeners of all ages.

"Droll, funny and original" --The Fresno Bee

"Tim is a contemporary, hip storyteller... original and authentic." -- Gay Ducey, Artistic Director of the Bay Area Storytelling Festival

Tim has several programs for adult listeners, including:

Chart Toppers of 1349!: Angels. Devils. Shapeshifters. Wizards. Heroes. Monsters. Princes. Paupers. Death. Tim counts down the mischievous and macabre stories that blazed up the European charts seven centuries ago! Of this one-man show, The Washington Post said "Ereneta’s methodical manner and quiet wit are a refreshing change of pace."

Happy Endings are Overrated: The Life and Times of Prince Charming: You’ve heard her side of the story. Cinderella. Snow White. Sleeping Beauty. Now hear the stories behind the stories from the prince who was there.
Love in the Land of the Midnight Sun: How far would you go to impress a potential mother-in-law? Lemminkäinen, the brash ladies man from the land of heroes, ventures to the ends of the Earth on supernatural quests in this excerpt from the Finnish epic, Kalevala.

As a playwright and actor, Tim brings over 25 years of theatre experience to his storytelling. For ten years, he was in the mainstage company of BATS Improv, one of San Francisco’s most popular improvisation troupes. He has performed in schools from Palo Alto to Sacramento.

Some places where Tim has told stories:
*Bay Area Storytelling Festival, El Sobrante, CA
*Capital Fringe Festival, Washington, DC
*Dangberg Home Ranch Historic Park, NV
*Emergent Storytelling Series, Phoenix, AZ
*FAR-West Music Conference, Oakland, CA
*Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, CA
*The Marsh, San Francisco, CA
*National Storytelling Network Conference
*Oakland Museum of California
*The Purple Onion, San Francisco, CA
*Rogue Festival, Fresno, CA
*Sierra Storytelling Festival
*Silk Road House, Berkeley, CA
*Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, Sonoma, CA
*Stitching Stars Storytelling Festival, Athens, GA
*Strawberry Music Festival, Camp Mather, CA
*Tell It on Tuesday, Berkeley, CA
*Telling Tales Festival, Berkeley, CA

Further Information Available At

Contact Information:
Tim Ereneta
2415 McGee Ave
Berkeley, California 94703

Country: USA

Phone: (510) 931-3194

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