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Reimaging the Bible: The Storytelling of the Rabbis

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Evolution of Storytelling
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Jim Woodard

Further Information serves only as a directory listing for all tellers on our site. We do not represent or provide agency services for any teller. Contact the tellers directly for more information.
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Directory Member Since:


*** NOTE: Jim's family has informed us that Jim passed in February 2017. We at are grateful for Jim's presence on our site since the beginning of our work more than 20 years ago. This page is being left up in memoriam. Thank you, Jim, for all your stories. ******

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is where many people first hear storyteller Jim Woodard. Here, he has been the resident storyteller since 1995.

“Jim Woodard has been an important part of the educational programs at the Ronald Reagan Library for many years,” said the Library’s Director of Public Programs. “His stories are told with factual accuracy and humor. Students who would normally balk at an `educational’ visit have a great time –and don’t even realize they’re learning history as well.”

Jim specializes in historical stories and profiles of past presidents and other great achievers. He was presented with the “George Washington Award of Excellence in Public Communications” by the Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge -- primarily for his historic and patriotic storytelling programs. It’s the only such award given to an oral storyteller.

Jim has presented hundreds of storytelling programs in California and in the Midwest -- mostly in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties, Calif. He specializes in programs for adult audiences, or combination of adults and kids. However, he started storytelling for kids and still enjoys these young audiences. His stories are custom selected for each group. He started storytelling many years ago when working as a counselor at Boys Town, Nebr.

QUOTES from program sponsors --

From a business club chairperson ...

"Your storytelling was definitely the best program of the year for our club."

From teachers ...

"You had our students in the palm of your hand, as you did me. I wish you could have heard all the accolades the children gave to your storytelling -- comments like ... `He was so enthusiastic’ ... `He had so much expression."

"When children come out of an assembly arguing which part was best, you know you have a winner.
The teachers were unanimous in their praise about your storytelling."

From a youngster ...

"I really love your stories. Even though you’re not here today, your stories are still singing in my ears. I hope you never die, because you’re the best storyteller in the world."

Examples of success-proven programs --

- Little known stories about Abraham Lincoln.

- Surprising stories about past presidents and other great achievers

- Gold rush related stories, including rushes in Northern and Southern California

- Revealing profile of Norman Rockwell

- Folktales from around the world

Further Information Available At

Contact Information:
Jim Woodard

, California



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