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K. Sean Buvala

Further Information serves only as a directory listing for all tellers on our site. We do not represent or provide agency services for any teller. Contact the tellers directly for more information.
Articles by K. Sean
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> Book Review: Rapunzel and the Seven Dwarfs
> Booking and Hiring a Storyteller
> CD Review- A Tangle of Tales
> CD Review: Mischief: Adventures of a Daydreamy Child
> Commentary: I Love it When They Get It
> Corporate Storytelling Techniques: Five Ways to Convey Your Passion
> Corporate Storytelling: Power of the World Tale
> Corporate Storytelling: Three Things You Need To Know
> Creative Ways to Get the Audience Involved in Your Presentation
> Dads Embrace Storytelling: Three Tips
> Don’t Listen to Yourself
> DVD Review: Family Famine- Hunger for Love DVD
> DVD Review: The Itsy Bitsy Tiger
> Event Review: Odyssey Storytelling in Tucson
> Feeding Storytellers
> Five Storytelling Techniques for Youth Ministry
> Flexible Storytelling Styles
> Game for Crowd Mixing
> Game Review- StoryPlay Cards
> Games & Icebreakers: Emotional Reading
> Good Storytelling Techniques by Magic Johnson at the Michael Jackson Memorial
> Great Speakers Use Video to Improve Presentation Skills
> Histrionics In Storytelling: Moving or Standing.
> How I Started in Storytelling
> How to Fix Your Assumptions Before Storytelling
> How to Tell A Story
> Is Digital Storytelling Really Storytelling?
> Is Storytelling the ON Switch?
> Laryngitis Amongus- Tips and Suggestions
> Links for Sacred Telling and More...
> Listening Sideways
> Marketing Your Storytelling: Egg and Oyster
> New Year’s Resolutions for Storytellers
> Non Profit Leaders: Do your volunteers know your story?
> Ode to Spammers
> On Routines
> Our Five Year Anniversary Present to You!
> Personal Telling Has Power
> Podcasts at
> Quick, Blunt Advice for Those Who are Starting Out on the Road to New
> Real Life Bible Stories
> Remains of Your Dearly Departed Resolutions
> Remembering Why We Tell
> Review: 1999 Timpanogos Storytelling Festival
> RoadBlocks #10- Too Many Personal Stories
> Roadblocks to Your Storytelling Success
> Sacred: Why the Arts in Christian Ministry Settings?
> Shadow Stories: Beyond the Veneer of Niceness in Sacred Telling
> Six Tiny Storytelling Tips for Better Oral Storytelling
> Snow White and the Huntsman- Are Fairytales Too Violent?
> Sound and Recording Equipment from
> Storytelling Essentials for All Situations
> Storytelling for Business: Three Quick Fixes
> Storytelling to Heal and Reconcile
> Storytelling Workout!
> The Sticky-Lab Method to Fixing a Broken Story
> The Three Essential Skills of the Storyteller
> Three Keystones of Storytelling in Non Profit Organizations.
> Three Secrets Storytelling Reveals About Your Business or Nonprofit Organization
> Three Tips for the Nervous Public Speaker
> Tip: Practice Out Loud!
> Tip: The Value of Repertoire
> Tips to Communicate in the Father-Children Relationship
> Tweens and Teens- Listen or Tolerate?
> Un-Wiring
> What are the benefits of storytelling?
> When Storytelling Is Useless
> Why Fairytales Are So Popular in the Media and TV Shows
> Why Storytelling Techniques Improve Communication Skills
Listen Now to K. Sean
> A Fox and Crow- Aesop Fable*
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> Brewing of Eggs
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> Eagle and the Chicken Farm*
+Real Media

> Eve and Adam*
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> Fowler and the Viper*
+Real Media

> Gray's Hat*
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> Moon Runs from the Sun*
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> Radio Interview with
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> Sacred: Elijah and the Still Small Voice
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> Sun and the Wind
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> Two Farthings*
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> BBQ Storytelling Moment Lost
> Beggars Can’t Be Choosers
> Personal: Grandma’s Jacket
> The World’s Worst Pie
> Wolf and Dog
Amphitheater with K. Sean
> (Digital) Tellabration 2006!
> Answering Machine: Advice for New Tellers from Sean Buvala*
> College Level Storytelling Training
> Karen Dietz (NSN Executive Director) in the Amphitheater*
> Mesa Storytelling Festival 2008
> NSN Pre-Conference 2005 Interviews, Session Three*
> Storytelling with Teens and Tweens
> Timpanogos Festival, 1999*

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Find Sean's CDs at:

K. SEAN BUVALA: Calling Out a Rising Sun: Stories for Teenage Guys
K. SEAN BUVALA: Seven Ravens: Unvarnished Tales from the Brothers Grimm

“Sean promised me that when he was finished with the day, our people would have practical skills to begin their own story telling. Sean was right. Not only did he give folks practical strategies for forming stories he captivated and inspired us all with stories of his own.”
-Christopher Ashby, Baltimore

Sean Buvala has been engaged with storytelling and communication since 1986. He started his work by accidentally using active storytelling to convert a classroom of slightly (but comically) homicidal 8th-grade teenagers from angry kids to storytelling practitioners themselves. From then on, both the kids and Sean were sold on the influence of a great story.

An author, speaker, trainer and performance artist, Sean describes the collection of stories in his head as "life and legend" representing the mix of stories from his experiences, myth and legend from many cultures, sacred stories and observations of shared life events.

He lives in the desert southwest in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Learn more at

Further Information Available At

Contact Information:
K. Sean Buvala
Creation Company
PO Box 392
Tolleson, Arizona 85353

Country: USA

Phone: 623.298.4548

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