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Sean Buvala

Further Information serves only as a directory listing for all tellers on our site. We do not represent or provide agency services for any teller. Contact the tellers directly for more information.
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Who else wants a classroom full of students re-energized for world tales and literature?

Sean shreds the false-fronts of world folktales and makes them so interesting that even teenagers write him thank-you notes after his performances.

See Sean’s Video Below!

Others Say:

"He is not only knowledgeable about the art of storytelling, but his vision advances the art."
- Kevin Cordi Ph.D., The Ohio State University, Ohio

Just a quick note to extend many thanks for today’s stellar presentation. We greatly appreciate your time, gifts and willingness to work with SLHI."
-Jon Ford, St. Luke’s Health Initiatives

"It was unanimous- you were a top-rated feature of the conference! Everyone loved your stories. They were so skillfully woven and acted that they delighted everyone. Thank you so much for putting together such an entertaining and instructive presentation. I enjoyed meeting you and will be happy to refer you to others."
-Laura Atwell, Director, The Wallace Foundation of Arizona

"I want to officially thank you for attending our Avondale Elementary School District Kick Off Celebration. It could not have been better. Your presentation truly made a difference in our celebration."
-Dr. Cathy Stafford, Superintendent

Sean is the national director of (the site you are on right now!) and the recipient of an Oracle Award from the National Storytelling Group.
With 25 years of performing experience, he is the perfect match for your program and needs.

Sean Buvala, based in Phoenix Arizona, is available for events throughout Nevada with special "neighbor-state" pricing. Yes, you can afford a Master Storyteller for your group. Please contact us for more information.

Further Information Available At

Contact Information:
Sean Buvala
Henderson, Nevada

Country: USA

Phone: 623.298.4548

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