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Pippa White

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> Orphan Train
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Pippa White turned to solo performing in 1994. Previously she had an extensive career in theatre and television on the West Coast, including five years hosting a daily morning television show at ABC in San Francisco.

She calls her One’s Company Productions “part theatre, part storytelling, part history.” Audiences call them unique, captivating, and touching. Her performance pieces are many and varied, ranging from The Story of the Orphan Train to Voices from Ellis Island, Angels and Troublemakers, Voices from the Resistance, and even a charming musical, I Can’t Give You Anything But Songs. To date she has crisscrossed the country many times touring to thirty-one states, including California, New York, Connecticut, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Washington and Alaska. She has performed at universities and colleges, performing arts centers, museums, libraries, and festivals. Conferences often feature Pippa and her unusual performance pieces as their keynote speaker. Pippa has performed three times at the United Solo Theatre Festival in New York City, garnering a review that called her work “riveting, heartbreaking, and suspenseful.” Other venues and organizations include the Civic Center of Greater Des Moines, the Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center, the University of Nebraska, Iowa State Center, the Connecticut Hospital Association, SUNY Orange, San Diego State University School of Nursing, the New York State Nurses Association, Metropolitan State University-St. Paul, Miami Children’s Hospital, the University of Southern California, Kansas City Young Audiences, and several theatres and storytelling festivals. The Kansas Storytelling Festival said her performance was “one of the high points in our festival history.” An audience member recently captured the gist of Pippa’s unique presentations when he said, “her performances are entertainment wrapped in history intertwined with inspiration.”

Pippa has a BA in English from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In addition to performing, she offers workshops and residencies, and has been a teaching artist with the Nebraska Arts Council for many years. She has received several awards in recognition of her work, including two Individual Artist Fellowship awards from the Nebraska Arts Council.

She offers workshops and residencies, and has been a teaching artist for the Arts Are Basic Program (affiliated with the College of Fine and Performing Arts at the University of Nebraska) and the Nebraska Arts Council for nineteen years.

Further Information Available At

Contact Information:
Pippa White
2240 Lake Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68502

Country: USA

Phone: 402-477-6914
Fax: 402-475-6467

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