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Priscilla Howe

Further Information serves only as a directory listing for all tellers on our site. We do not represent or provide agency services for any teller. Contact the tellers directly for more information.
Articles by Priscilla
> Energy of Space
> Tips for Telling Funny-Scary Campfire Ghost Stories
> Tips for Using Puppets in Storytelling
> Tyranny of Themes
Listen Now to Priscilla
> Bully Billy Goat
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> Gunniwolf*
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> The Big Stone*

> The Ghost with the One Black Eye*
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Find Priscilla's CDs at: PRISCILLA HOWE: The Best (and Worst) of Beasts
PRISCILLA HOWE: The Bully Billy Goat and Other Animal Stories
PRISCILLA HOWE: Chickens! And Other Stories For Young Children
PRISCILLA HOWE: The Ghost With The One Black Eye

Engaging and sneakily educational performances, perfect for schools, libraries and festivals.

"Tell it again!"
"She’s a kid-magnet!"
"Easy to work with and a real professional!"
Looking for funny and smart storytelling? Stories for character education? Programs for English-language learners? Book-based programs to encourage literacy? A whopping good time for family audiences? Priscilla’s giant repertoire of stories includes folktales, stories from books--after all, she’s a former children’s librarian--and her own stories, most served with a generous dollop of humor. Her performances are perfect for schools, libraries and festivals, engaging the listeners from the smallest to the tallest.
Priscilla travels around the country and abroad with a bagful of puppets and a headful of stories. She has been telling stories since 1988, full-time since 1993.

It’s easy to bring Priscilla to your venue. E-mail for information on rates and availability. She has a full program list and teacher’s study guide on her website,

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Further Information Available At

Contact Information:
Priscilla Howe
415 Elm St
Lawrence, Kansas 66044-1540

Country: USA

Phone: (785)331-6181

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