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From the Winds of Manguito: Cuban Folktales in English and Spanish

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Margaret Read MacDonald

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My job?

Encouraging folks to tell stories. To make this happen I do three things.

1.I shape folktale texts into "tellable" formats which I shape further through telling to many groups of children. Then I put these sure-fire tales in books in the hopes that other tellers will find them easy-to-learn and fun to much so that they will keep telling stories.

2.I travel the world offering workshops on "Playing with Story" and "Learning a Story in One Hour." Using a hands-on method, I teach folks several short, audience-participationfolktales. They leave ready to tell. After only one hour they have at least two stories they can tell. After a full day they have six or more tales ready to go!

3.I tell these playful, audience-participation folktales wherever I can, so that parents, kids, and other tellers can discover how much fun it is to share tales.


Ph.D. in Folklore, Childrenís Librarian with King County Library System Bothell Branch,author of over 30 books on folklore topics including TWENTY TELLABLE TALES; THE STORYTELLERíS START-UP BOOK; A PARENTíS GUIDE TO STORYTELLING; and PEACE TALES; EARTH CARE. Plus tellable picture books: TUCK-ME-IN-TALES (with cassette); SLOP!; THE OLD WOMAN WHO LIVED IN A VINEGAR BOTTLE; FAT CAT; MABELA THE CLEVER; THE GIRL WHO WORE TOO MUCH; and PICKINí PEAS!

Further Information Available At

Contact Information:
Margaret Read MacDonald
24603 12th Ave. S.
Des Moines, Washington 98198

Country: USA

Phone: 206-429-2244

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