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Indiana Bones

Further Information serves only as a directory listing for all tellers on our site. We do not represent or provide agency services for any teller. Contact the tellers directly for more information.
Articles by Indiana
> A Better Way to Educate through Storytelling!
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> An Anancy Story (Part 2)
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> An Anancy Tale (Part 1)
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Indiana Bones, “Keeper of Legends”
(aka Mike McCartney)is an EMMY AWARD winning writer, producer and performing artist.
Storyteller Indiana Bones is the kind of man that loves the marrow of history and mythology”-Jonathan Ashworth, Director of Writer’s Read, NM

Combining archeology, action, adventure, ancient legends, mythology and folklore, Indy thrills and educates audiences with his unique storytelling abilities. Indy weaves stories for students, families, sci-fi lovers and museum goers alike.

“…Indiana Bones is different; he’s like the exciting uncle who tells stories of adventures!”-Youth Services Coordinator, Henderson Library, NV

A former PBS documentary producer/writer, TV personality, professional actor and faculty member of Mississippi State University, Indy is now a full time professional storyteller and guest lecturer at the University of New Mexico. Indy believes that storytelling can be used as an effective teaching tool.

(See posted article, “A Better Way to Educate Through Storytelling”)

“Open a Book, Open your Mind, Open your Imagination” – Indiana Bones

“… the kids loved the performance. I went to the library the following day and students had already checked out all the spider stories, and most of the Greek Mythology books”-Kym Ortiz, Chaparral Elem., Santa Fe, NM.

(See My Free Audio story, “An Anancy Tale“ Parts 1&2)

Residing in Santa Fe, NM, Indy finds that the combination of history, legends and ghost stories from around the world offers the perfect backdrop for digging up the old stories. Indiana Bones has traveled the world to gather his stories. With the use of artifacts, fossils, lively puppets and a crack of his bull whip, Indy leads the audience on a journey through time.

“The kids were delighted with your stories. Your puppet (Draco the Dragon) came to life for them and for me too! During these programs, I often pay more attention to the audience than to the performance, but this time I got carried away with the stories and good humor.”- Ann Cooper, Yellow Springs Library, OH.

Indiana Bones, the hero for your upcoming adventure.

Further Information Available At

Contact Information:
Indiana Bones
P.O. Box 23611
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87502

Country: USA

Phone: 702-234-5428

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