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The Way of the Storyteller

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Parrot Who Bought a Load of Wood*
Told By Harriet Cole

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Timpanogos Festival, 1999*
With: K. Sean Buvala

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List For Tellers With Last Names Beginning With h

Teller Name
Hannah, Gemma
Healy, YvonneSee & Hear Stories Now at “Yvonne Healy is a triple threat: dynamite storyteller, workshop presenter, and emcee.” - Elizabeth Ellis, NEA American Masterpiece Artist “Yvonne Healy is an Irish pixie of a performer!” S...
Hedman, Rachel
Heilbrun, HarveyHarvey Heilbrun’s energetic and imaginative performances engage young and old in the art of the oral tradition. Join him as he spins folktales, sings, plays guitar, and breathes life into the imagination of the listeners. Harvey gathers his sto...
Herrera, Julie
Hickey, John
hicks, megan
Hoegsberg, Leona
Hollen, Stephen
Hongell-Darsee, Johanna
Horowitz, Muriel
Howe, PriscillaEngaging and sneakily educational performances, perfect for schools, libraries and festivals. "Tell it again!" "She’s a kid-magnet!" "Easy to work with and a real professional!" Looking for funny and smart storytelling? Stories for...
Huff, Mary JoMary Jo Huff is a multi-award-winning Author, Educator, Keynote Speaker, Teaching Artist and Storyteller. She travels the country sharing her passion for language and literacy connecting with children of all ages. Using puppets, props, music and mo...
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