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Hana and the Dragon (And Other Tales from Japan)

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List For Tellers With Last Names Beginning With g

Teller Name
Galipeau, Ken
Garrett, Mary
Gere, Jeff
Gilbert, Sharon
Goldman, MarkI have told stories in all of my many careers, including Theatre, Psychology, Mediation, Restaurant Management, Magician, and many more. I now tell stories from all of those experiences, as well as fairytales, fables, original and humorous stories...
Goodman, Linda
Goodspeed, Becky
Gorham, LindaLinda Gorham’s performances are filled with surprising twists and unconventional humor. For the past 25 years, Linda has engaged audiences with poignant and humorous family stories; interactive folktales, distinctive myths and notably twisted fairy t...
Gourley, Wendy
Grayzel, Eva
Great, Alex
Griffin, PetePete is a gifted speaker and storyteller whose soothing voice and relaxed manner puts audiences at ease. He tells stories about his career in the US Forest Service, focusing on the power of stories to pass along culture and traditions from one gener...
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