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Tellers - c

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List For Tellers With Last Names Beginning With c

Teller Name
Caldwell, Gwen
Cargill-Strong, Jenni
Carson, Rick
Cegarra, Mariano
Christensen, Patti
Clarkson, StoryGuy, Wright"Share a story, open a mind and touch a heart." This simple phrase represents the mission and vision statement for Wright Clarkson, StoryGuy. His highly active and interactive peformances involve rich visual and musical accompanyment. He uses call an...
Clements, JehanStoryteller, musician, author/illustrator, and inventor. Jehan performs through out the country in schools and special events. Jehan presents original and humorous environmental stories, and traditional stories of the masters for grades K-6. A "Crea...
Cole, HarrietHarriet Cole is a storytelling teacher and a teaching storyteller who has spent the past ten years exploring how story can build community among teens and young adults. She is both a graduate of and a member of the adjunct faculty at the South Mounta...
Compton, Mark
Cordi, Kevin
Cromwell, Dawn
Crum, Emily
Cutrer, Rosie
Cyr, Jim
Czarnota, Lorna
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