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The Way of the Storyteller

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Tellers - c

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List For Tellers With Last Names Beginning With c

Teller Name
Caldwell, Gwen
Cargill-Strong, Jenni
Carson, Rick
Cegarra, Mariano
Christensen, Patti
Clarkson, StoryGuy, Wright
Clements, JehanStoryteller, musician, author/illustrator, and inventor. Jehan performs through out the country in schools and special events. Jehan presents original and humorous environmental stories, and traditional stories of the masters for grades K-6. A "Crea...
Cole, HarrietHarriet Cole is a storytelling teacher and a teaching storyteller who has spent the past ten years exploring how story can build community among teens and young adults. She is both a graduate of and a member of the adjunct faculty at the South Mounta...
Compton, Mark
Cordi, Kevin
Cromwell, Dawn
Crum, Emily
Cutrer, Rosie
Cyr, Jim
Czarnota, Lorna
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