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Tellers - b

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List For Tellers With Last Names Beginning With b

Teller Name
Banda, Masankho
Batlin, LindaLinda Batlin is a storyteller and author from Boulder, Colorado where she has lived for over half of her life. She tells stories filled with wisdom and mirth for all ages in schools, libraries, corporate events, conferences, festivals, museums, senio...
Behling, Karl
Black, JudithJudith Black’s award-winning programs for adults will take you from bedrooms in Brooklyn to the battlefields of family relations. Her programs for families have parents and children winkingat one another in self-recognition as they watch their lives ...
Bobrow, Laura
Bodkin, Odds
Bones, IndianaIndiana Bones, “Keeper of Legends” (aka Mike McCartney)is an EMMY AWARD winning writer, producer and performing artist. “Storyteller Indiana Bones is the kind of man that loves the marrow of history and mythology”-Jonath...
Bonin, Glenda
Bowles, BeatriceWONDER TALES & CDs WITH ORIGINAL MUSIC! I tell fairy tales & myths to intigue young minds about nature’s secrets from cultures worldwide--like why kindness matters! Visit amazing gardens in Heaven and Hell, and even a garden you reach by jump...
Brody, Dylan
Brooks, Simon
Brown, Karol and James
Bruce, Trix
Buvala, K. Sean“Sean promised me that when he was finished with the day, our people would have practical skills to begin their own story telling. Sean was right. Not only did he give folks practical strategies for forming stories he captivated and inspired us al...
Buvala, Sean Who else wants a classroom full of students re-energized for world tales and literature? Sean shreds the false-fronts of world folktales and makes them so interesting that even teenagers write him thank-you notes after his performances. ...
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