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Linda Batlin

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Linda Batlin is a storyteller and author from Boulder, Colorado where she has lived for over half of her life. She tells stories filled with wisdom and mirth for all ages in schools, libraries, corporate events, conferences, festivals, museums, senior centers, summer camps, birthday parties, and other events. Her popular living history presentations of important women characters from Colorado history such as Isabella Bird and Doc Susie bring them to life. Her repertoire is also filled with multicultural folktales from around the world such as Asian stories, animal stories, ghost stories, Jewish folktales, nature stories, puppets, etc. Linda has had the good fortune to trek, travel and climb in many parts of the world, many of them quite remote and exotic. Along the way she has collected folktales from the places she has visited.

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Contact Information:
Linda Batlin
680 Tantra Dr.
Boulder, Colorado 80305

Country: USA

Phone: (303) 494-6407

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