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Leeny Del Seamonds

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With a face and voice that launched a thousand characters, Leeny Del Seamonds, Master Story PerformerTM, is an internationally acclaimed performer of Latino, original and multicultural stories spiced with mime, a cornucopia of voices, and love of people. With a twinkle in her eye and fire in her heart, Leeny breathes life into her stories, as she masterfully and effortlessly springs from one story character to another, inviting audiences to share in her Cuban-American sense of humor and love of performing. Leeny creates and performs tales that are uplifting and demonstrate the passion, resiliency and triumphs of the human spirit. A Parents’ Choice Gold Award and Silver Honor winner, a 2005 Storytelling World Winner, a 2006 iParenting Media Award Winner, and the 2002 National Storyteller of the YearŽ, Leeny is known for animated interactive performances and has been a headliner at festivals, conferences, community events, corporate functions, museums, libraries, school systems and universities nationally and internationally, and has been published in several international periodicals.

"Leeny, a heartfelt thank you for sharing your multiple talents and superb stories with our audiences in Jonesborough - you are truly a wonderful ambassador for storytelling!" - Susan O’Connor, Director of Programs, International Storytelling Center

News Flash! Leeny stars in Ribert & Robert’s WonderWorld, a multi award-winning national PBS Television and DVD series distributed worldwide. In the series, she plays "Leeny the Story Performer."

Further Information Available At

Contact Information:
Leeny Del Seamonds
31 Newport Drive
Westford, Massachusetts 01886

Country: USA

Phone: 978-692-3961

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