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Dr. Gwynn W Ramsey

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Dr. Gwynn W. Ramsey, Storyteller(Educator/Award-Winning Author/Researcher/ Naturalist), heard his first tales from his grandma when he was only a child living in the foothills of North Carolinaís Blue Ridge Mountains. His life-long interest in folklore and natural history early led him to develop skills in performing hundreds of amusing and thought-provoking tales from the Southern Appalachians.

Folk Tales come alive when Dr. Ramsey dons his bib-overalls, chambray shirt, and coonskin cap and begins to spin "tall tales". Using the jargon of a mountaineer(he is a North Carolina "hillbilly", a heritage of which he is proud), Dr. Ramsey often presents programs of folk tales to public school and university classes, civic groups, church fellowships, hospitals, science fairs, community festivals, conferences and conventions nationally. Sacred storytelling is a specialty. Since he is a harmonicist, folk music is an important part of his programs. (Have you ever heard or seen a mountain man give an all out attack on the harmonica?).

In actuality, Dr. Ramsey is Professor of Biology, Emeritus, and curator of the Ramsey-Freer Herbarium at Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Virginia, where he taught for 32 years. He retired in May 1997 concluding a teaching/research career of 42 years. His research interest is in ecological floristics and Virginia flora, topics on which he has many publications. However, when this college professor, whose major training is in field botany, puts on his coonskin cap, it is almost like putting an attack collar on a watch dog: his character changes to that of a mountaineer storyteller, a role he enjoys.

Gwynn holds memberships in: The National Storytelling Network, The Network of Biblical Storytellers, The Virginia Folklore Society, and is listed in the National Directory of Storytelling.

Some of Gwynnís storytelling credits are: Blue Ridge Storytelling Festival, Smoky Mountains Storytelling Festival, Gatlinburg Wildflower Pilgrimage, National Storytelling Festival(Swappin Ground), Festival by the James, Columbia Baptist Menís Convention, Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Bedfordís Red, White and Bluegrass Festival, Virginia Sounds of the Mountains Festival.

Gwynn has produced a 30 min. videocassette titled: Gwynn Ramsey Telling Six Tall Tales From The Southern Appalachians, and four CDs and audiocassettes of over 72 Min. each titled: Folktales, Songs and Poems From the Southern Appalachians; Jacktales From the Southern Appalachians; The Spirit of the Southern Appalachians;
The Spirit of the Southern Appalachians II. His DVD titled Storytelling and Folklore from the Southern Appalachians runs 110 minutes and is backed up by banjo, fiddle and hammered dulcimer music.

Further Information Available At

Contact Information:
Dr. Gwynn W Ramsey
1156 Jefferson Way
Forest, Virginia 24551

Country: USA

Phone: 434/525-1252

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