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Elly Reidy

Further Information serves only as a directory listing for all tellers on our site. We do not represent or provide agency services for any teller. Contact the tellers directly for more information.
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Elly Reidy has been telling stories professionally since 1998. She tells across generations and cultures, looking for humor and the quarter turn of perspective in the stories she tells.
“I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where the idea of traveling by paddling some kind of water craft to get someplace remarkable was pretty common. “Paddling the Storied Water” is what I do every time I invite someone to come with me into the stories I tell.”
"Paddling the Storied Water," Elly’s first storytelling CD, was released in June 2010. It is currently available from Elly at the address shown for $12.00, which includes shipping in the US.
Elly has been a member of the National Storytelling Network since 2002, and is a 2007 graduate of the Storytelling Institute at South Mountain Community College. She is a three-time member of the Nu Wa Storytelling Delegation to China’s premiere storytelling village of Gengcun.
She has presented workshops on storytelling genres and techniques to high school child development classes, Head Start Teacher In-service Programs, Middle School ESL classes, other storytellers and at the International School of Beijing.

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Contact Information:
Elly Reidy
, Arizona

Country: USA


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