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Chris King

Further Information serves only as a directory listing for all tellers on our site. We do not represent or provide agency services for any teller. Contact the tellers directly for more information.
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> NSN Pre-Conference 2005 Interviews, Session One*

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Chris is a passionate storyteller who tells to all age groups and has developed special presentations for associations, organizations, and the corporate world.

She tells traditional tales - with a modern day twist; original stories - personal and believable; mysteries - listeners help with the clues and solutions; and business stories - with a meaningful message. Chris also gives workshops for storytellers, teachers and speakers on developing personal stories, historical stories, marketing and dynamic workshops.

An artist, newspaper editor, aerobic instructor, trainer, speaker, sales person, writer and mother of five, Chrisís many experiences enrich her storytelling and give her lots of material for her presentations.

Chris, a Past President of O.O.P.S! (The Ohio Order for the Preservation of Storytelling), is currently Membership Chair and Webmaster for the group. She is active in a plethora of computer focused groups ("Iíve become a real geekette.").

Further Information Available At

Contact Information:
Chris King
P.O. Box 221255
Beachwood, Ohio 44122

Country: USA

Phone: (216)991-8428

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