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Am I A Storyteller?
By: Tom A.B. Taylor

Am I a Storyteller?

Am I a storyteller?
Well, yes, I guess y’could say so
It’s true I can tell a tale or two
If y’really wanna know

Treetop-Tall Tales to too-Short Stories

And everything in between

Th’ pictures I paint, when I tell well…

Like nothin’ you ever seen!

Why, I can make you cry in the blink of an eye
Make y’laugh ‘til yer two sides ache
I can make ya think ‘til yer brain dries up
I can give you all that you can take

I tell tall-tales of Tar-Babies, and the Tortoise and the Hare
And joyfully weave my words around those ears that seem to care
I tell true tales of th’ Love and Faith, and Forgiveness we all need:
Healing words which help restore all those who Hear . . . and Heed

Tales of fairies, family and friends, in-laws (outlaws, too!)
Ghosts and goblins, too-many-kids-and-their-momma, all livin’ in a shoe!
Pigs and princes, witches and kings, bears, li’l girls lost in the wood
Paupers and pipers and pirates, and more – tales of evil an’ tales of good

Fables, parables, myths, allegories
Any and all may make wonderful stories
Legends, folk tales, and tales of nonsense
Some are so silly, but others – intense!

Stories may tease us, Stories can please us
Stories might open our eyes
The Stories that reach us? – those Stories can teach us
…Stories are Heard by the Wise

I see stories everywhere, and I learn them in my heart
Then, when I have th’ chance to share, th’ words just seem to start
And, whether we weep, or think, or laugh, or feel – as We, Together, Share a Story
What we share there, for a Moment in Time – is Storytelling’s Glory .

Author Information:
Name: Tom A.B. Taylor
All stories are under the copyright of the author. Do not use without written permission.

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