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Spiders In the Hairdo (Modern Urban Legends)

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Welcome to the audio stories section, here is a current list of all of our audio stories. For best results, you should be using Internet Explorer. You will also need the FREE Windows Media player that is available at

Title Teller Uploaded Real Media Player Windows Media Player
A Fox and Crow- Aesop Fable*K. Sean Buvala2002-05-28Listen!Listen!
Aaron Kelly- (Just Slightly Scary)*K. Sean Buvala2002-08-03Listen!
Abe Linclon: A Surprising StoryJim Woodard2009-10-20Listen!
Am I A Storyteller?Tom Taylor2007-12-10Listen!
AmaterasuAct!vated Storytellers2008-09-23Listen!
An Anancy Story (Part 2)Indiana Bones2009-08-16Listen!
An Anancy Tale (Part 1)Indiana Bones2009-08-16Listen!
Ape and FireflyLynn Ruehlmann2010-01-08Listen!
Aunt Annie's Baby (Ghost Story)*Ellouise Schoettler2003-11-14Listen!
Babysitter (Urban Legend)*Kevin Cordi2005-08-24Listen!
Ballad of Mama Queen*Kevin Cordi2002-07-02Listen!
Billy Bowlegs*Kevin Cordi2002-09-28Listen!
Billy Loves Moon Pies*Kevin Cordi2002-11-12Listen!
Billy the Kid Escapes*Kevin Cordi2005-05-19Listen!
Billy the Kid, Clip#1*Kevin Cordi2003-01-28Listen!
Blood On the Moon: French and Indian War, Track 2*Alan Irvine2005-09-21Listen!
Brewing of EggsK. Sean Buvala2011-04-29Listen!
Bully Billy GoatPriscilla Howe2006-10-10Listen!
California Gold RushJim Woodard2010-06-07Listen!
Chrite Before NistmasCarol Esterreicher2007-11-24Listen!
Common SenseLinda Gorham2006-10-21Listen!
Cricket and Her ElephantTom Taylor2007-12-10Listen!
Devoted Friend*DAVID DAVIES SOUND SAMPLE 2002-09-03Listen!
Dick Baker's Cat *DAVID DAVIES SOUND SAMPLE 2005-09-12Listen!Listen!
Dragon TaleDAVID DAVIES SOUND SAMPLE 2006-08-15Listen!
Eagle and the Chicken Farm*K. Sean Buvala2005-07-10Listen!
El Oso*Leeny Del Seamonds2004-11-11Listen!
Elk and Wren*Margaret MacDonald2002-06-01Listen!Listen!
Eve and Adam*K. Sean Buvala2005-07-08Listen!Listen!
F.E.A.R.*Staff Storyteller.net2002-06-21Listen!
Fairy Borrowing*Laura Bobrow2005-12-06Listen!
Fat Cat*Margaret MacDonald2003-09-27Listen!
Fisherman and His Wife (MP3)*megan hicks2004-11-18Listen!
Fooling the Postman*megan hicks2005-06-26Listen!
Fowler and the Viper*K. Sean Buvala2002-06-01Listen!
Frog Princess Patchwork Players2009-03-16Listen!
Goldenheart*Jenni Cargill-Strong2003-02-09Listen!
Goldilocks*Alan Irvine2005-07-10Listen!
Gray's Hat*K. Sean Buvala2005-11-18Listen!
Grey Fox and the Golden EaglesK. Sean Buvala2007-02-17Listen!
Gunniwolf*Priscilla Howe2002-05-24Listen!
Gus*Laura Bobrow2005-12-06Listen!
Hearing World Demo*Trix Bruce2003-10-31Listen!
Heaven and HellMary Garrett2008-03-11Listen!
Hound of the Baskervilles Clip*DAVID DAVIES SOUND SAMPLE 2003-01-22Listen!
How the Whale Got His ThroatJenni Cargill-Strong2013-10-19Listen!
I Dropped It*Jenni Cargill-Strong2003-08-25Listen!
Itsy Bitys Anansi, King Tiger and Queen Bee*Ken Corsbie 2002-12-17Listen!
James MonroeLynn Ruehlmann2010-01-08Listen!
Keeper of the StoryLynn Ruehlmann2010-06-07Listen!
Kissing ToadsElly Reidy2009-12-07Listen!
Koki*Ellouise Schoettler2002-10-31Listen!
Leave Your Name on the Door (mp3)Jim Cyr2008-11-14Listen!Listen!
Little Pink Fish (Excerpt)*Elizabeth Falconer2005-10-02Listen!
Looky Loos*James Nelson-Lucas2005-08-09Listen!
Lucy Stone*Judith Black2003-02-25Listen!
Mama and Mary Alice (Ghost Story)Ellouise Schoettler2003-11-14Listen!
Mama's Little AngelJames Nelson-Lucas2009-03-10Listen!
Monkey and Lion*Laura Bobrow2003-01-28Listen!
Moon Runs from the Sun*K. Sean Buvala2002-05-24Listen!Listen!
Motorcycle Momma*Glenda Bonin2005-05-16Listen!
My Daddy Blew Himself Up*Ellouise Schoettler2002-10-31Listen!
My First StoryJim Woodard2009-12-01Listen!
My Grandmother's Hair*Kevin Cordi2005-08-23Listen!
NecessityLeslie Slape2005-12-06Listen!
Never Give UpJim Cyr2008-11-14Listen!Listen!
Night in Scotland*Laura Bobrow2005-10-27Listen!
Ocean*Laura Bobrow2002-11-17Listen!
Old Blevins*Ken Galipeau2003-02-18Listen!Listen!
Old West StorytellerKen Galipeau2005-09-21Listen!
Old Woman and Her PigRichard Martin2006-06-16Listen!
Old Woman Who Lived In a Vinegar Bottle*Margaret MacDonald2005-05-21Listen!
Once Up On a Lily Pad*Elizabeth Falconer2005-09-29Listen!
One You Don't See Coming*Elizabeth Falconer2005-05-20Listen!
Orphan TrainPippa White2007-09-27Listen!
Papachu*Elizabeth Falconer2003-08-21Listen!
Parrot Who Bought a Load of Wood*Harriet Cole2006-03-17Listen!
Pearl*Linda Goodman2005-12-30Listen!
Perfect MatchLinda Goodman2006-12-28Listen!
Perilous Pomegranate*Beatrice Bowles2002-11-11Listen!
Pickin Peas*Margaret MacDonald2003-08-20Listen!
Plum boyElizabeth Falconer2005-10-25Listen!
Possum*Elizabeth Falconer2002-09-18Listen!
Pre Thittle Ligs*Elizabeth Falconer2002-10-19Listen!
Prinderella and The Cince*Elizabeth Falconer2002-06-01Listen!
Rabbit and Lion*Laura Simms2005-07-10Listen!
Radio Interview with Storyteller.netK. Sean Buvala2006-03-08Listen!
Roly-Poly Rice Ball*Elizabeth Falconer2005-10-01Listen!
Romeo the WolfPete Griffin2016-07-06Listen!
Rory the Fox* Patchwork Players2005-08-09Listen!
Sacred: Elijah and the Still Small VoiceK. Sean Buvala2002-07-06Listen!
Sally (Ghost Story)*James Nelson-Lucas2005-08-09Listen!
Scared*Patti Christensen2005-08-09Listen!
Senor Coyote y Los Perros*Elaine Stanley2005-10-15Listen!
Silver Blaze- An ExcerptDAVID DAVIES SOUND SAMPLE 2002-06-18Listen!
Simple Simon at the Fair*DAVID DAVIES SOUND SAMPLE 2003-10-25Listen!
Sojourner Truth (Mature)*DAVID DAVIES SOUND SAMPLE 2002-11-17Listen!
Split Dog*Dr. Gwynn Ramsey2003-08-15Listen!
Spring ShowDr. Gwynn Ramsey2003-01-30Listen!
Stone CutterEva Grayzel2007-05-14Listen!
Stories to Light the darkEva Grayzel2006-12-28Listen!
Story Dance*Stephen Hollen2003-11-05Listen!
StrengthStephen Hollen2005-08-20Listen!
Sun and the WindK. Sean Buvala2010-06-10Listen!
Superstitions and RemediesK. Sean Buvala2005-08-06Listen!
Surf (Sign Language)Trix Bruce2003-10-31Listen!
Swimmin'Ellouise Schoettler2006-07-19Listen!
Tammy (Kids Spooky) Jim Woodard2010-06-07Listen!
Tammy (Slightly Spooky)Jim Woodard2009-10-20Listen!
Tanabata Legend*Elizabeth Falconer2005-10-16Listen!
Teacher's TaleJeff Gere2006-10-08Listen!
Tell Me a StoryTom Taylor2007-12-10Listen!
Tell Tale Heart (mp3)*DAVID DAVIES SOUND SAMPLE 2004-10-31Listen!
The Big Stone*Priscilla Howe2002-06-01
The Ghost with the One Black Eye*Priscilla Howe2002-05-24Listen!
The Janitor*Priscilla Howe2002-06-01Listen!
The Princess Who Loved FrogsKathy Jessup2011-09-10Listen!
The Rhythm SnakeTom Taylor2007-12-10Listen!
The Tailor's TaleJonathan Kruk2011-10-03Listen!
The Trumpeter of KrakowMary Grace Ketner2012-07-14Listen!
Tommy TumbleweedNatalee Roe2008-06-18Listen!
Trash Talk*Kevin Cordi2006-02-22Listen!
True Story of the Origin of the Chisholm TrailTom Taylor2007-12-10Listen!
Two Brothers*Yvonne Healy2005-09-16Listen!
Two Farthings*K. Sean Buvala2005-08-23Listen!
Two Letters (from the CD "Silence")K. Sean Buvala2005-08-06Listen!
Uncle Willard's CatfishCharles Kiernan2006-07-28Listen!
VIDEO! A Pele StoryJeff Gere2006-04-11Listen!
Virgin QueenJeff Gere2007-07-03Listen!
Watery Woman (Ghost Story)*Ellouise Schoettler2003-11-14Listen!
What a Pig*Ellouise Schoettler2004-05-26Listen!
What Was Civil About That War?*Ellouise Schoettler2005-05-20Listen!
Why I Am Not the World's Greatest Actress*Laura Bobrow2005-07-09Listen!
Wickety Whack Into My Sack*Dr. Gwynn Ramsey2002-08-29Listen!
Wolf Prince (in .mp3 format)Johanna Hongell-Darsee2004-10-26Listen!
Workplace Romance*Johanna Hongell-Darsee2006-03-17Listen!
Youngest Boy*Johanna Hongell-Darsee2002-09-30Listen!
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