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Book Review- The Ravenous Gown
Posted: 2015-04-06 By SNStaff

We’ve posted an extensive review of storyteller Steffani Raff’s book, "The Ravenous Gown." Read the full review here at this link now. Special content by blog-guest reviewer "The Sunny Miss."

Short version:
"Overall, a creative example of re-purposing traditional world tales for a specific niche. It has some flaws. For example, protagonists tend to blend into a ’type.’ There is some mixed-messaging on how loving someone with rather superficial fault makes one a ’hero.’ While not an end-all guide to ’real beauty,’ we do think it’s a solid start from an author who clearly cares deeply about her work and stories. While a smidgen one-dimensional, the princesses in this book are stronger and more courageous than many other popular-culture fairy tales tend to portray them, and plenty of girls will be able to relate to them and...." Read more...

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