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Free Telecourse (09/03): So, You Wanna Be a Professional Artist?
Posted: 2009-08-24 By SNStaff

Thursday, September 3, 2009
12 Survive and Thrive Tips for the Working Performing Artist

So, you want to be a professional artist, huh? No matter your art form (storyteller, actor, puppeteer, juggler, dancer, musician, magician, karate expert or other format) there are things you must do to succeed in your work in the arts business. Yes, we said “business” because that is what you are: the CEO of the business of You. In this focused telecourse, we will take you through 12 things you must know about the perils, trials and joys of being a working performing artist.

With more competition than ever among artists and less money to go around from sponsors, it is more difficult than ever to make it as a working performing artist. Sean Buvala, a veteran of 25 years of working as a performing artist as well as the executive director of, will pull no punches as he helps you to recognize 12 needed skills and attitudes of surviving as a working artist.

Are you brand new to the intensely competitive field of performing arts? Perhaps you are a long-term veteran who is just a little worn out? Do you find yourself in between those extremes? We are here for you. Register today for this practical and blunt telecourse on making it as a working performing artist.

Thursday, September 3, 2009
7PM Pacific Time / 10PM Eastern

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