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Think-ets Game Product Review
Posted: 2007-10-03 By SNStaff

Sometimes along comes a product that makes me think, "It’s about time!" The Think-ets storytelling game is one of those products.

Using a concept from an old storytelling game, the folks at Think-ets have created a package that delights kids and adults alike. When I showed the sample to my eight-year old child, she squealed with delight, grabbed it out of my hand and went off to play with her cousin and older sister. After more than an hour, she returned it to me and let me know that there "are more games than you think" in the package. As I write this review, I see the bag has vanished off my desk again.

If you are a parent or child-care giver, the portable, self-contained pouch of trinkets can be used for those moments when you need a fun game with your child but cannot commit the time to a board game. This is also a game you want to have in pocket, purse or bag for those long waits in the doctor’s office or waiting for a table at your local restaurant. Look out, tho’, because you are going to catch the attention of other waiting children. And you can bet their parents are going to ask you, "Where’d you get that?"

The only warning we can give about the product is that the parts are very small and present a choking hazard. This game is clearly not designed for the little ones who still put everything in their mouths. Use wisdom and caution when playing this game with young children and supervise carefully any child to whom you give the game. The package suggests a minimum age of 8 years old and we agree. If you have very small children in your home, this product is not for you. Yet.

For those of you who are working storytellers, several copies of this little game should be in your supply bag. It’s a great crowd breaker and a way to ease folks into the concepts of storytelling in a non threatening and inclusive manner. You will recognize the concepts of the game right away and be glad that the work of gathering all these diverse and fun little parts has been done for you.

You will also want to get several of these games for that elusive "stocking stuffer" or simple gift toy for upcoming holidays. I am also pleased by the manufacturer’s employment of the members of self-help social service agencies to assemble their products.

You can find the Think-ets game in our online store when you click here now.

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