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Thank You Notes
Posted: 2005-07-18 By SNStaff

(Latest Updates: July 2014)

We invite storytellers of all skill levels to be listed in our directory. Click on the GET LISTED link above to learn about adding your page at little or no cost. Hereís what some of our tellers have had to say:

"This e-note is just one more example to me of your genuine love of storytelling and storytellers. You give so unselfishly and quickly to anyone who is in need. Thank you for being you!" -Mel

"I just love I have not even been on it a month yet, and I have already gotten 2 booking from my listing. Thanks for making the wonderful avenue available to us." -Linda

"By the way, I was contacted by by one person last week- a lady who say my page at I am grateful for your effort."- JK

"I just told stories at a leadership camp last night and the woman who hired me said that she had heard me before and when she tried to find me on the net - she immediately did so on ( - thanks!" - AC

"Thank you, for what you do for storytellers everywhere...because of your efforts, because you have raised the level of awareness for the craft." -Joe Paris

"Thanks for providing such a wonderful resource." -Chris King

"Thanks for the update and the new features on the Premium Page listing. is a great service and well worth the very small fee you plan to charge for the extensive listing." -Dolores Hydock

"You are right that ( is the best value listing out there for storytellers..." - Scott and Johanna Hongell-Darsee

"Very awesome, Sean. I find your site to be the finest example of what is best about storytellers!" -Stephen Hollen

"STORYTELLER.NET is a wonderful resource for storytellers, story-lovers, and event planners." - Sharon Kirk Clifton

"Thanks a bunch. Also, I have had a very nice response to the article posted as well as more visibility through your site. I recently had a library book a series of five shows from your site. . . Itís been a busy year. Youíve done such a great job on the web. I hope you know how much that means to us...As a teller, I have been having increasing business in these poor economic times, and you are to thank, in large part, for that improvement." -Melanie Zimmer

"You are awesome. This latest news about your updated premium pages is great news. Thanks for your incredible site and directory." -Jennifer Rudick Zunikoff

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