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Game for Crowd Mixing
By: K. Sean Buvala

I’d like to share with you an icebreaker or crowd mixer that we developed a few years ago for a client. This mixer works best when your group is using the plastic name badge holders that are so popular these days.

Here is what you need:

1.A piece of construction paper, cut to form a tag, for each person. See the picture to understand the size we mean. We use a dark color for this project as it allows the multi-colored pieces to better stand out against the background.

2. A small piece of masking tape for each name tag.

3. A pen or pencil for each person

4. A large supply of glue sticks. We try to have one glue stick for every two persons. For example, if we are expecting 200 people, we usually have 100 glue sticks.

5. An additional half-sized sheet of construction paper for each person. Use lots of mixed colors, light enough so that when a name is written on it, you can read it.

How to:

Before the event, cut enough tags for each person to have a construction paper tag for their nametag. See the pictures to get a better understanding of what we mean. We’ll call this piece the “base” for this project.

When everyone arrives, give them a base and a piece of masking tape for their nametag. Instruct them to tape the base to the lower back portion of their plastic tag. The base will now be hanging down from the participant’s name badge, much like “speaker” or “exhibitor” ribbons would hang from the name tags.

When all are assembled, invite the group to participate in this mixer. Give each member a colorful piece of construction paper and a pen or pencil. Also, give half of the group the gluesticks..

Invite the participants to do the following:

“Stand and meet someone new, introducing yourself quickly. In a quick conversation, find something in common with the person. Don’t work too hard, just something simple like your love for dogs or Chinese food. After your exchange, each of you tears a small piece of paper from your colorful construction paper, writes your name on it, and uses a gluestick to paste it to the other person’s name tag base. After you have exchanged names, go your separate ways and repeat the process with someone else! Try to fill your name tag base with lots of torn paper pieces with the names of your new friends!”

We find that it helps to quickly demonstrate the process while you are explaining it. Take a good look at the pictures with this article. That will help you to understand the process.

This is one of our favorite mixers for diverse groups. We often use it for regional or national events where folks come to one central location from many diverse locales.

We hope you enjoy this mixer. Feel free to use it for any event you may have, but we ask that you not reproduce this page for publication in any other location without our permission.

Have fun!

Author Information:
Name: K. Sean Buvala
The contents expressed in any article on are solely the opinion of author.

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