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Tales of the Sonoran Desert

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Why Explore Your Life and Coporate Stories?

Why Explore, Share, and Write Your Life, Business, or Organization Stories?

You know we all learn from experience. We tend to feel more connected to people with whom we share experience. So why don’t workplaces and organizations with a vested interest in both mutual learning and teamwork do more to share, preserve, and use that experience? Stories are a great way to do that. Workplaces and organizations of all kinds benefit from exploring, sharing, preserving, and using real life experience. Experiential stories can enhance learning, performance, quality, image, cohesiveness, understanding, and relationships. Stories are powerful tools you may use to market goods, services, and ideas; motivate behavioral change; foster unity in diversity, build teams, deepen community; draw out tacit knowledge; improve orientation, training, and leadership. What resource can better illuminate reality, connect people, clarify and pass on skills, values, ethics, and expectations?

Business/Organization Benefits--
History reveals patterns that may guide the future. Each person in any business, church, school, hospital, shop, or Fortune 100 company has experiences worth examining, saving and sharing. Individual and corporate stories may be used to prevent and solve problems; attract, educate, motivate, and lead others; and boost management, employee, customer, client, shareholder, member, and public relations. Whether you are a founder, founder’s progeny, current steward (e.g., proprietor, CEO, leader, manager, human resource director), employee, staff, member, or volunteer, your stories, founders’ stories, organizational history, and true stories from every participant can serve as distinctive vehicles with which to share perspectives, embody ethics and values, and influence attitudes and behaviors, immediately and in the future. What a valuable resource! Don’t squander experience. Don’t waste stories!

Founder/Leader Stories--
Family business, industrial empire, fledgling non-profit, or giant institution, any business or organization is a living thing, with a rich, revealing, and very human history. Founders, owners, and leaders who have birthed or shaped the business or organization embody its roots and wings. These stories need to be told. Respect rises when others recognize and understand core values, challenges, progress, and contributions.

Employee/Member Benefits--
Sharing business/organization/corporate histories and personal experiences may raise employee/staff/member/volunteer understanding, motivation, morale, and shared pride. People feel more deeply connected to a more humanized organization with a more humanized leader or boss and coworkers. Some feel encouraged and empowered by learning of contributions by fellow employees, staff, or members. They may enjoy a well-crafted written history as a gift or use it as a learning or marketing tool.

Customer Relations Benefits--
People who read revealing, well crafted, business or organization stories tend to feel more connected to and positive about a more humanized organization and its representatives. Stories can powerfully influence existing or potential customers, shareholders, or contributors. Every organization benefits, whether profit or nonprofit, private or public. Consider potential benefits to restaurants, retail, manufacturing, airlines, publishers, mass media, or dotcoms, or for nonprofit institutions--libraries, governmental, medical, educational, or religious organizations (where customers may also be called members, donors, users, students, or patients).

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