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A Workshop with!
By: K. Sean Buvala

Performances & Workshops with Sean Buvala!
Here comes a lot of options for you and your group!

Sean uses active learning in all his workshops. Sean is the type of instructor that makes the people in the workshop next door whisper, "I wish I was in that workshop!"

With national experience and availability, Sean Buvala, director of, offers several workshops for beginning or advanced tellers, professionals, teachers, corporate trainers and public speakers. Why not put his decades of experience to work for you and your group? And, yes, Seanís training is very affordable, too, for almost any size group.

Some Performances
Here are some of Seanís "ready to go" performances for your group. However, making customized performances is Seanís forte. You simply need to start the conversation with him.

:::Sun and Wind, Bird and Beast
Seanís specialized performance for the 5-11 year old crowds. Lots of tales and fables from around the world or maybe even from your own back yard. Great for libraries and schools!

:::Seven Ravens: Unvarnished Tales from the Brothers Grimm
Bad Boys. Petulant Parents. Knives. Knackers. Death. Sin. Violence. Rewards...These are just some of the things that Storyteller Sean Buvala tackles from his specialty of those "fairy tales" you think you know. But when it comes down to it, you really donít have a clue whatís buried in those tales. Along with stories of real life, Irish tales and others, Sean dishes it out good and bad. Find out why an angry fairy can ruin your day. Great for adults, teens, tweens and the more mature children in your group.

:::Calling Out a Rising Sun: Stories for Teenage Guys, Former Teenage Guys & Those Who Love Them
Sean presents specific tales drawn from around the world for guys, both young and old. Presented in performance or workshop styles with activity and discussions. Excellent for Menís groups, Father/Son or Mother/Son events or anywhere youíre trying to offer excellent programming for men and tweenage and teenage boys.

:::Voices from the Noise
Seanís powerful and challenging one man-performance of the men and women of Sacred Scriptures. This is one of Seanís signature performances. To learn more, please visit our site at .

:::Burn: An Advent Experience
Sean tackles just what it means to be the "light of the world" when Iíd rather just hide in a hole. An experience of Sacred Telling that explores powerful themes and skips the "church-ese." Not for churches and ministries where being nice is more important than being real. To learn more, please visit our site at

Some Workshops
Although Sean prefers to custom design workshops for you, here a few "pre-packaged" workshops that can be booked for your group. Most of these workshops are available in full day, half day, three hour and one hour versions.

:::Fidget, Flick and Finesse: Learning to Use Gesture and Spatial Location in Storytelling and Public Speaking
One of our newest workshops, Sean explores the use of gestures and "where you are in the story" to improve not only your storytelling but all public speaking. Like all of Seanís workshops, this is a very active, "I was never bored" experience. You will walk out of this workshop with new skills that you can use immediately to improve your speaking and storytelling. Great for professionals, students and anyone who wants to look and sound better in public. Try this one!

:::Introduction to Storytelling
Are these some of your questions: What is storytelling? How do I do it? What do I do with my hands? Where do I get stories from? How do I find my audience? Iím so nervous, how do I get started? What happens if I make a mistake? How do I write my own stories? Well, Sean answer these and many other questions in our hands-on, fun workshops presented in a variety of different formats and times.

:::Telling for the Story: Faith Based Storytelling
Learn how to choose faith based scripture stories and improve your ability to tell them. How do you connect "your" story with "the" story? We put special emphasis on telling in the first person.

:::Passing It On: Train the Trainer in Storytelling
Weíre created a corporate workshop for those who train others, A master class for master teachers. Seanís newest "Passing It On: Train the Trainer in Storytelling Skills" session teaches trainers to more effectively use Storytelling in corporate settings with adult learners. Available in three hour, six hour and eight hour formats. Why not put the nearly two decades of Seanís experience to work for your company? Your trainers will learn not only how to use storytelling more effectively in training settings but also the "why" of using the power of story. A fast paced, hands-on experiential workshop waits for you! Sean has trained the trainers in the hospitality, human services, customer service, telecommunications, publishing and faith-based organizations!

:::Three Rules of the Sun: Corporate Storytelling
In our workshop for those who want to learn storytelling but are not directly involved in training others in corporate settings, Sean focuses on the process of ďDig, Identify, Engage, Percolate and PursueĒ to blend the art of storytelling into the repertoire of business professionals. Sean also teaches workshop participants how to use the ďthree rules of the sunĒ techniques for becoming better tellers of personal, fable, corporate and mythological stories.

:::Advanced Telling for the Experienced Teller
In a workshop designed for the seasoned teller, we focus on the specific needs of the tellers who are present. What do you want to get from the story you tell? Answering this question helps you to know how to improve the telling of all of your stories. Our "real world" experiences can help you improve the telling you do.

:::Telling for Tweens and Teens
Is storytelling just kidsí stuff? No! You can tell to the 10- to 18-year-old age group; you just need to know where to put your energies and how to cycle back the energy you get from your teen audience. Participatory telling rules! No untested theory here as Sean brings 17 years of specific work with this targeted age group. Come learn in this high energy workshop available now!

:::So You Want to Tell Like a Pro?
What are the special concerns of those who wish to make themselves and their telling available for sponsors and events? What do you tell? How do I tell them? How much do I charge? Why do I make these choices? What is the importance of styles and repertoire? This workshop assists you in answering these questions and in helping you draw up your own plan. Handouts, references, contracts and more.

:::Developing Adult Telling
How do you develop spoken word experiences for adult audiences? How do you mine your own life events and turn them into stories that touch and motivate? What are the language issues? If you are interested in telling for adult audiences, be a part of this workshop.

Need to know more? We are ready to answer your questions and welcome you to our list of sponsors. Contact Sean with the Booking Inquiry Form and weíll follow up with you. You can also telephone us at: (623) 298-4548.

Weíre looking forward to working with you soon!

Author Information:
Name: K. Sean Buvala
The contents expressed in any article on are solely the opinion of author.

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