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Festival Review: Three Rivers Storytelling Festival, 2002
By: Staff at

Storyteller and Cartoonist Joe Wos shares his review of a recent storytelling festival:

The Second Annual Three Rivers Storytelling Festival was held this weekend August 10th and 11th. It was a wonderful time performing and just sitting back and listening.

The Northland Public Library in the Pittsburgh region was host to some of the finest storytellers from around the country. Margaret Reed MacDonald is one of the most dynamic performers I have ever seen. She is also absolutely charming, kind and gracious. Her and her partner Richard Scholtz were wonderful together combining music, movement, song and story flawlessly! During the evening concert on Sunday she had everybody drumming, singing, and even doing deep knee bends as she told the story "The Cockroach Party".

This was my second time performing at an event with Kathryn Windham, she lives up to the status of storytelling legend without accepting any accolades as such. She refers to herself simply as Kathryn Windham from Selma Alabama, storyteller. She ended both concerts leaving the audience with a love of story and an urge to hear more tellers.

Randel McGee, a ventriloquist, puppeteer, storyteller, musician and master of who knows how many other arts, was brilliant. He was without doubt one of the best childrenís performers I have ever seen. He and his buddy Groark had us all laughing and singing along. He did it all effortlessly and made it look so easy, the true sign of a master. I was amazed by his skill and talent.

We had lots of other tellers here, myself included and they were all very talented. I have to say that storytellís own Granny Sue and Rich Knoblich did an amazing job not just hosting and emceeing but telling as well. And I am sure next year they will both be feature tellers!

We were so honored and proud to have West Virginia represented by such talented and capable tellers. I look forward to next year when we bring in Bobby Norfolk (one of my favorites) Donald Davis, Granny Sue and Rich! Mary Morgan Smith, brings in great storytellers and is such a great teller herself. She has a gift for being a great teller and a great listener. The Three Rivers Storytelling Festival had both. Hope to see you all there next year

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