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Book Review: "More About Story" by Ruth Stotter
By: K. Sean Buvala

Ruth Stotter’s latest book, More About Story: Writings on Stories and Storytelling 1995-2001 is another crown gem for your resource library.

This collection of articles and reflections cover a variety of storytelling topics. We especially enjoyed the article of "Storytelling Application A-Z" as well as the articles on finding original sources and reflections of the differences between storytelling and drama or theater.

One of the most useful chapters is the one titled, "Mommy, Daddy, Please Tell Me a Story." We know that many of the visitors to our site are looking for ways to simply tell bedtime stories to their children in new and genuine ways. Ruth’s article has some good tips- such as telling stories from your own life history and how to develop stories for oral telling from the written word.

This book, however, is not just a lightweight collection of warm or inspiring thoughts alone. Ruth does a great job of providing footnotes, comments and a list of additional resources when needed.

Rather than just a simple "sit down to read book," this collection allows you to take just enough information in as you need it. You will find this book to be both challenging and reassuring. We think you will come back to often to this read as you become a better teller, thinking to yourself, "Now, I know I read about this somewhere." as you pick up this book from your shelf.

Now, our only gentle critique is: Ruth, you left out of the resource listings in the back. Oh, woe is us. (Giggle) But, truly, we would encourage all authors and editors to be aware that references to national organizations should include the URL to their correct web sites. This is a small bump in an otherwise outstanding book.

To order this book, please visit our bookstore or go to:
More About Story at

Author Information:
Name: K. Sean Buvala
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