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Staff: Get the Promotional Special
By: Staff at

Thanks for your interest in the $19* promo special for your "Call For" listings. We’ll help you reach potentially thousands of eyeballs for a very small price. First, be sure you’ve seen the page at

Last updated: 1/30/2017

You Get:

*You listing featured and (optionally) with a small banner that you supply.(234x60 pixels; jpg)

*1-2 Solo postings on our Facebook page at

*1-2 Solo postings on our Facebook page at

*Front-page news entry at

*Your submission Emailed directly to all Premium Page members of the directory.

*1-4 postings on our @storytelling101 account at Twitter. Possible more by @storyteller depending on the event.

*Fine Print:
Not refundable. We can’t promise anything, outside of actually doing the promotions and postings that we have listed. Your results are going to vary on a large number of factors. Speed and frequency of promotions varies based on when you submit your event. This $19 price is an introductory offer and is subject to change at any time. MAKE A NOTE: Your billing will show from our parent company of "Creation Company Consultants." "Chargebacks" will result in a ban from future submissions and a removal from our site and a big giant hit on your Karma.

Author Information:
Name: Staff at
The contents expressed in any article on are solely the opinion of author.

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