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Heaven and Hell
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Answering Machine: Advice for New Tellers from Skywalker Storyteller*
With: Skywalker Payne

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NSNStoryCon 2014 Podcast Files
By: Staff at was at the National Storytelling Network’s 2014 Story Conference in Mesa, Arizona. Here are links to the files an interviews we created:

Lyn Ford: Interview and transcript in the Amphitheater.

Bobby Norfolk: Interview and transcript in our Amphitheater.

Carolyn Stearns: Interview and transcript in our Amphitheater.

Amphitheater Interview with Sam Payne from "The Apple Seed" radio program at BYU radio.

Amphitheater Interview with Caleb Winebrenner Transcript also posted

Amphitheater Interview with Priscilla Howe talking about story poems and the evolution of a story for telling. No transcript.

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