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Book Review: The New Book of Plots
By: Staff at

the new book of plots
Itís important to understand that a story must have a timeline that includes a beginning, middle and end. This is especially important to understand in corporate or organizational storytelling where marketers often confuses slogans with actual stories narratives. However, the delivery of a complete story does not always have to follow the singular line of A to B to C.

Understanding the nuances of where and when to switch around the story order is a skill for the seasoned storyteller and story maker. Jack and Jill may have started by going up a hill, but youíll catch your audience afresh if you start the story by saying, "When Jack looked up, he could see faint images of stars as they circled his throbbing head."

Loren Niemiís book, "The New Book of Plots: Constructing Engaging Narratives for Oral and Written Storytelling," allows the reader to see, explore and apply the diverse ways to move through a storyís timeline. You can start in the middle of the story. You can come full circle through the events. Or, you can choose any of a dozen or so story-plot frameworks on which you will hang your story. He includes examples of each plot model to help the reader recognize each route he presents.

Thereís so much more to oral storytelling beyond "once upon a time." In Lorenís book, you will find new pathways for speaking a story. We encourage you to subtly apply the teachings in this book and your audience will wonder how you got to be so good as a storyteller.

We received a review copy of the book in order to facilitate this review. ( Reviews)

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