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Storytelling Professionally: The Nuts and Bolts of a Working Performer

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How to Get a Page on the Directory
By: Staff at

Are you a storyteller, that is, someone whose primary work is in communicating via storytelling in performance or workshops? Why not add your information to our directory listings? Itís an inexpensive or even free service of Your page with us will be available to thousands of visitors every month to

Since 1997 we have offered this unique and high value service to the storytelling community. We have two options for you: Premium Pages or Basic Pages.

The Premium Pages
(You get a 30 day free trial!)

* Your very own web address (URL). For example:
* Complete contact information including your name, address, telephone, fax and Email address
* Up to two pictures posted on your page at the top or the bottom.
* Up to two links to any non site of your choosing
* Up to 300 words to describe your services and telling
* A listing of all the articles that you have written for
* YOUR audio story, up to 10 minutes, streaming in YOUR page in .mp3 audio
* Searchable by KEYWORDS, Location and Last Name
* You can update your own page 24/7! That means...all the time!

The Free Basic Pages

* Your very own web address (URL). For example:

* Complete contact information including your name, address, telephone, fax and Email address.
* Searchable by Location and Last name but not Keywords
* You can update your own page 24/7! That means...all the time!

*If you choose not to participate in the Premium Pages, you will automatically receive this Basic Page after your free trial.

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Learn how to get your page below the video...

If you would like to keep your Premium page with us, just do the following two things within or after the 30 days!

* (1) costs several thousand dollars a year to operate. Youíll pay only $49(USD) once per year to us to maintain your page. Other payment options, including monthly auto-pay are available.

Compare our small charge of $49 to other sites charging $90, $100 or nearly $400 per year and yet they do not give you all the features we give you! We ARE the best deal out there in web pages for Storytellers.

We accept major credit cards, checks, money orders as well as several online options such as PayPal.

Of course, you can keep your Basic Page at no cost. The choice is yours.

* (2) We help you get more traffic and maybe even better Search Engine rankings. Send us an article (300+ words) about some aspect of storytelling, some tips, event or CD review or something else creative. Please see our "Privacy/Copyright Policy" link at the bottom of this page for our policy on content submissions. Your first article is due within 90 days of when we first post your page.These articles can be tips, reviews, features, stories and more. Donít panic if you think you "arenít a writer." We will help you with our writerís guidelines. You can do it!

Conditions: Please read our conditions by clicking this link now.

Enjoy your new page with us! Weíre looking forward to having you as part of our community!

Ready to Get Started? Do the following:

If you are a person who uses oral storytelling as your primary business, that is, you are a storyteller who presents stories and storytelling to an audience or workshop, then our directory is for you.

Send an Email to with:

-Your name
-Your Email address
-Your City, State or
Your City, Province
(or other location identifying info)
-Link to your main website, if you have one.
-Use the subject line: "NEW LISTING"

Weíll take a look and approve your listing. You will receive an Email with details back in about 48 hours. Be patient.

Author Information:
Name: Staff at
The contents expressed in any article on are solely the opinion of author.

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