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CD Review: From the Puppet’s Mouth
By: Staff at

Anna Sobel’s “From the Puppet’s Mouth” storytelling CD is one of those get-it-now resources for entertaining kids. Her energetic voice and command of the sounds and rhythms of her characters will keep the attention of young children.

The CD design itself is fun and will appeal to your kids. From a storytelling standpoint, we’d like to see Anna trust her talented voice more rather than relying on so many “…she (or he) said” comments to keep track of her characters. Using good storytelling techniques create a theater in the listener’s mind. In storytelling, you don’t need to keep verbally reminding the listener who is speaking as one must do in a written story. However, this is a very tiny coaching-style critique in an otherwise all around good collection. Your child will not notice this minor issue as they’ll be too busy laughing or being entranced.

Your story collection will be a bit more animated as Anna takes kids on adventures through time and geography. Parents, you’ll be able to confidently pop this CD in the mini-van radio or in the nightstand music player. You can get your copy of the CD at CDbaby or download the mp3 files from

Disclosure: Anna sent a review copy of the CD to our office. Our comments are never influenced by the manner in which we receive a product for reviews. Posted 5/2012.

Author Information:
Name: Staff at
The contents expressed in any article on are solely the opinion of author.

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