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Calling Out A Rising Sun: Stories for Teenage Guys

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The New Search Engine Rules (Webinar Video)
By: Staff at

Do you know Google’s new Panda "secrets?" You’ll learn ways to avoid getting zapped when you purchase and watch this webinar video today!

Come learn some new skills taught by an experienced marketing coach. Mary Jo Huff (Early Childhood educator, author and storyteller) says of Sean, "I
like the way your brain works."

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Think about this: Will you panic about the new Google Privacy issues. . .
. . .or will your art form grow and profit from the new way Google now views (and sends visitors to) your website?

Why should you care? Why should you bother? You need high web rankings. Higher Web Ranking = More Traffic = More Product Sales and Bookings.

Look at this! Mark Goldman, Arizona storyteller and theater-skills coach says:

Here’s a brief sample and your first tip on Internet Improvements:

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There are big changes in the largest online search engine! Sometimes a "Panda" isn’t warm and fuzzy.

Join professional storyteller and working-artist coach Sean Buvala for a fast, fun webinar on the changes that Google has brought to the world. Discover how your performing-arts business is impacted.

"I’ve already optimized my website for the search engines," you might be saying. BUT-Have you done so since the Panda update? The rules changed...did your website?

What you’ll learn:

<> The five "new" things Google wants from your

<> The simple tweaks your website needs to better serve your clients while you are meeting Google’s "new" requirements.

<> Six action steps you could take that may improve your web ranking.

<> Simple, personal and daily actions each of us can take to grow the visibility (and importance) of oral storytelling on the web. Remember, bigger on the web means bigger in the real world. We all benefit when we work together.

You’ll invest just $24.95 to gain new knowledge that could grow your bottom line.

Your computer will most likely already be equipped for this pre-recorded webinar video. Once you purchase the video from our Ejunkie (terrible name, great service)shopping cart, you’ll be given a link to download the video directly to your computer.

If you’d like to test if your computer can play the video, you can download a test (the video above) by clicking this link or saving it now.

Cost of the webinar is $24.95 (U.S.). You can download and then watch the video on your own computer as many times as you like. Your license is only for you and your direct web-support team. You may not resell the video or use it in a group setting of any type.

Video is about 49 minutes long. Get yours today:
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