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DVD Review: The Itsy Bitsy Tiger
By: K. Sean Buvala

We are reviewing "The Itsy Bitsy Tiger" storytelling DVD presented by Priscilla Howe.

Priscilla Howe is a master at her craft. In “The Itsy Bitsy Tiger” DVD, you get to see Priscilla work her magic. This 43-minute adventure is filled with solid and entertaining storytelling with expertly-timed comedic moments that induce wails of laughter from the children in her audience. Children watching this DVD will most likely find themselves gesturing along with the audience as Priscilla weaves story and song together.

More below after the video!

You won’t be distracted by the puppets and the songs. While Priscilla uses the music and puppets well, she is foremost a storyteller and it shows. This isn’t a puppeteer or a musician using storytelling as a side-note to her presentations. Rather, it’s an internationally-traveled and very talented storyteller intent on delivering great stories to and with her young audience- and you get to come along via the video.

The only challenging thing we see about the video is what appears to be the varying skill levels of the videographer or the editor. We were surprised at the several clunky pans and the slow switching between teller and puppets. Not to worry, as Priscilla is a much better storyteller than the video crew. Your children watching this DVD will not notice these simple mistakes. They are more likely to be entranced with the excellent shots that were otherwise done by the video crew, especially when they show close-ups of the children’s hands as they do the gestures to Priscilla’s stories.

The DVD package suggests that this project is for ages 3-10. We agree. Pick up a copy of Priscilla’s “The Itsy Bitsy Tiger” DVD to enchant your kids with these eight stories. Along with the stories, you will meet two of our favorite friends of Priscilla- The Baby and Trixie (yes, that’s her on the front cover) - who both apparently keep themselves very busy in a unique manner while in the puppet bag between their appearances on stage. Trixie also spends time writing to her adoring audience on her own Facebook fan page.

Finally, watch the video until the very end to see Priscilla and the puppets interact with the audience after the show. So many children’s performers vanish at the end of their set. Priscilla lingers while letting the children get close up with these little characters they have learned to love in the last hour. It’s in moments like these where you see the “heart” of a talented teller.

We received a free review copy of this DVD for this article. Articles and pages on this site may contain affiliate links.

Author Information:
Name: K. Sean Buvala
The contents expressed in any article on are solely the opinion of author.

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