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Moral of the Story: Folk Tales for Character Development

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CD Review- A Tangle of Tales
By: K. Sean Buvala

simon brooks storytelling CDWhile Simon Brooks’ new storytelling CD may be titled "A Tangle of Tales," there is nothing at all discombobulated to keep them tied up and away from your enjoyment. With stories from Celtic lands, Vietnam and India, Simon creates a smooth and enjoyable set of stories that never knot up your mind. Told with his authentic United Kingdom accent and along with custom music by the storyteller and friends, Simon gives you a story collection that is overall rather calming yet might surprise you in how quickly the layers of the tales take you into their welcoming.

If we have any critique, it is that the track listings do not line up with what is listed on the packaging. It seems that the music in between tracks has not been taken into account. While the music is very nice, it makes finding the story you want (at least the first time) a bit of an adventure. This is a minor point in an otherwise excellent CD.

These days, with the new electronic ways that people buy CDs and tracks of music and stories, not everyone gives as much thought to the CD case as Simon has. Frankly, like all of his CD collections, the artwork is excellent. The teller and the artist (Rob Brookes) have joined forces to create both a visual and auditory adventure. Nicely done.

In our opinion, the CD would most likely be best for listeners from the ages of 10 and up- simply for the complexity of the stories told. Age 8 and up is listed on the cover. If you’d like to order a copy take a look for it at or on Reviews

We received a review copy of the CD from Simon at no charge. Affiliate links are used in this and other posts on this site.

Author Information:
Name: K. Sean Buvala
The contents expressed in any article on are solely the opinion of author.

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