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Suddenly They Heard Footsteps

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By: K. Sean Buvala

Are you looking for Podcasts? Here is a place to find some of our podcast items. Stories, coaching moments, commentary, products and more from storytellers near and far. Enjoy!

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<>January 2008: Stories for Adults!
It’s a brand new Podcast at! You can use the link below to hear our latest. Features storyteller K. Sean Buvala telling the Grimm tale of "The Willful Child" as well as providing a coaching moment on "finding your niche". The coaching moment comes from an interview that Sean did with the "Art of Storytelling With Children" podcast. Also on this January 2008 podcast is Kindra McGrane of Arizona telling her lively, fun personal tale of "The Bargain Shopper" recorded live at one of our events. Come and enjoy.

Use this link to hear the January 2008 podcast now in mp3.

<>Special Edition: The ENCHANTED MOVIE Podcast
In a genre-busting premise, "Enchanted" puts the pure-love and doe-eyed behaviors of its main characters in the midst of our own seen-it-all society. However, Buvala says these calm, loving behaviors would be nearly unknown to fairy tale characters if they came to life. "In the real versions of fairy tales, there is very little of these types of Disney-nice actions. Rather there are behaviors of deceit, treachery, child abuse, punishment, rewards and swift justice. Fairy tales aren’t the politically correct or sanitized stories of animation. They’re hard-core, ’act right or else’ ultimatums in many cases. Children punished by death, people doomed to walk the earth as ghosts for stealing pennies and losing true love for minor infractions: these would be the behaviors fairy tale characters would expect to see in modern life."

The irony of a Disney movie parodying the contemporary understanding of fairy tales is especially fun for Sean Buvala. "The Brothers Grimm would not even recognize the Disney animated versions of ’Sleeping Beauty’ or ’Cinderella.’ In many ways, it seems that Disney made ’Enchanted’ to poke fun at the one-dimensional nature of fairy tale characters. However, those wide-eyed people in our imaginations are Disney’s own spawn. They must be having a fun time ’dis" Enchanting their own dragons."

<>October 2007: Seasonal Stories!
It’s time for those late October seasonal storycasts and you’re in for a treat. This Amphitheater Podcast features storyteller Jeff Gere telling "Daddy One Shark" from his CD "Haunted Hawaii, Volume 1." You’ll hear from director Sean Buvala as he retells the Grimm tale of the "Willful Child" recorded live at one of our "" events. Sean also shares a coaching moment about asking your clients for their stories. Kevin Cordi lends his theatrical flair to the multi-voiced version of "The BabySitter" from his CD "The Road to Urban Legends." All CD’s are available in the store at Also featured in this podcast is a recording of "Into the Hall of the Mountain King" by the "string metal" band of "Judgement Day." Their website is at Permission sought. Permission given. Way cool.

<> September 2007: Feature: Teacher Inservice Keynote

September 2007 stories include "The Emperor and the Dragons," "Catching Fire," "The Story that Does Not End," "Crow can Taste Good." Coaching moment on how to get people to turn off their cell phones. Features Sean Buvala and Buck P. Creacy.

<> July 2007: 07/07/07 The Luckiest Podcast Ever.

July 2007 stories include "Good Luck? Bad Luck? Who knows?," "The Story of Luck and Intelligence," and "Two Letters." Coaching moment on the difference between telling on stage and telling for a CD recording. Features Sean Buvala and Dolores Hydock.

May 2007

May 2007 stories include "The Virgin Queen," and "The Stonecutter." Coaching moment on the development of voices and body movement and the relationship between the two. Features Sean Buvala, Brother Sun, Sister moon and Eva Grayzel

April 2007: Junior High

November 2006: Part 1

November 2006: Part 2

October 2006

September 2006

May 2006

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