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Remains of Your Dearly Departed Resolutions
By: K. Sean Buvala

(posted 2/4/2007)

Ok, storyteller. So, it’s over. The big rush in December to make your New Year’s Resolutions. And, of course, it is also over: The Watching of the Resolutions Fall to the Wayside.

I’m sorry to hear that. Where should I send the condolences for your departed Resolutions?

Here, let me help you. Here’s a resolution you can keep, starting now in February. Say one of these out loud right now:

I Will Improve My Storytelling Journey.


I Will Begin My Storytelling Journey.

This resolution is working for me. I’ve been telling for 21 years, yet every day I learn something new. A new story hits my brain. A colleague teaches me something new. A new challenge arrives on my booking form. I’ve been living the “improve my storytelling” resolution for many years. It’s the only resolution I have ever really been able to keep.

What about you? Where are you on the journey to and with Storytelling? We have thousands of people who will be reading this little note. Many of you are dabbling in Storytelling, thinking about it, playing around with it. But you haven’t yet, really, grabbed on to the Power that Storytelling holds for you and those you work with. You know it could change the way you do your business. It would change the styles of how you teach and open up new paths for your students to learn. It could revitalize your community programs. It would open up new paths to the Sacred. For others, it might even present a new career for you.

How would your life change, big and small, if you took up the resolution to “Improve (or Begin) My Storytelling Journey” today?

What holds you back? In my coaching sessions, I’ve found for many it is a fear of “not being good enough.” Okay, that’s fair. Perhaps you have seen a what you consider a professional teller and you think, “I am not that good.” Maybe you aren’t. Maybe not yet. But when will you be good enough if you don’t focus your efforts to really learn, really grow, really risk to use storytelling? No one is a master painter without picking up a lot of brushes and applying them. So, how will you be a better storyteller? You got it: pick up the stories and apply them. Yes, it will cost you some time, some effort, some frustration and maybe even some money to learn the art form. However, the rewards in joy, satisfaction and overall improvement in yourself and your organization will be well worth it.

How can we at help you with your new resolution? We’re here with plenty of no-charge resources. We’re also here to help you with affordable TeleCourses, retreats, private coaching, school gigs, church and sacred training, corporate training, teacher inservice days, workshops and performances. Yep, some of those might cost you a little money. “Wherever your treasure is, so also your heart shall be.” Check out my tour dates at to see if I am in your area and let’s talk about adding your event to my schedule- perhaps that will save you a few dollars.

We’re here. We want to help you on your Storytelling Journey. Let us know how we can help.

Author Information:
Name: K. Sean Buvala
The contents expressed in any article on are solely the opinion of author.

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