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Directory Listing Conditions:

("We" "Us" "Our" is Creation Company Consultants also know as "You" "Your" is the teller listed on our site. Last Updated: October 2014) offers you a directory listing (and all its perks) only. We are not your agent or booking company. has more than 99% "uptime" but there may be short durations that the site may be unavailable, as is the nature of the Internet. We give no refunds for any "downtime."

Although many of our listed tellers are very surprised at the response to their listing on our site, we offer no promises of potential bookings, hits, traffic, links, or otherwise. Please read the Privacy/Copyright Policy at the link below.

Be involved with your listing. Check your page once per month. Change the content from time to time, check your contact information, contribute and article (that will be linked to your page) and be a part of the community.

There is no charge to encode and place your audio story on your site if you provide your pre-recorded story on CD or in a .mp3 file. Submissions in other formats may be subject to a conversion fee.

You many not link directly to your .wma or .mp3 sound file from any other website or Email. You may link from any other website or Email directly to your page with us. communicates with the Tellers listed on our site through regular group Email notes from the Director.You agree to keep your page information up to date. You will need to be a member of our mailing list service with We’ll send you the instructions once you register your page with us. reserves the right to cancel any page that does not have current, working Email contact information listed on it. Your must set up your Email program to accept Email from and We also urge you to join the general site list. You can find this form on the left-hand side of every page at

Special note to storytellers in Canada: You are agreeing to receive regular Email from our site and director. These emails may contain commercial content.

We reserve the right to deny or refuse service and access to the directory to anyone who violates our site rules or policies.

We are very flexible and want to help you with a positive experience at Please Email us with any questions or concerns.

All requests for directory pages are subject to staff approval. Please allow 48 business hours for our response after you submit your request

To get your page with us, visit this page now.

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