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Book Review: Three Minute Tales
By: Linda Spitzer

Three Minute Tales ­Stories from Around the World to Tell or Read When Time is Short, (Margaret Read MacDonald) Reviewed by Linda Spitzer

Margaret Read MacDonald, a prolific storytelling book author has done it again. A must-have book for your storytelling library, these 80 traditional tales from world cultures will help to boost your storytelling program repertoires as you flesh out the tales or keep as story stretchers at the end of a program or anywhere you want to use them.

MacDonald includes the motif index to demonstrate variants of the tale as well as the time it takes to tell it and clever staging ideas.

I find these tiny and very tiny folktales will be fantastic for:

Storytelling classes for all ages because they should be easy to learn

Classroom reading

Story stretchers when you’re out of time or end of program

Museum spiels

Nature walks

Media appearances

Repertoire boosters

Public speaking or business conferences

Suggestions for beginning storytellers are always a big part of MacDonald’s books and her new book is no exception. The stories are listed in categories such as stories to tell on a walk, riddle tales, scary tales, participation tales and much much more.

Author Information:
Name: Linda Spitzer
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