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#NSNStoryCon: 2015 Reports with Harriet Cole
With: Harriet Cole [website]

Storyteller and workshop leader Harriet Cole reports in from the 2015 annual conference of the National Storytelling Network (NSN). The conference is being held in Kansas City, Missouri, USA...the new home of the NSN. You can listen in to her reports using the links below.

In PART 1: Harriet and Sean talk about Donna Washington's opening keynote (Stand Up!); they touch briefly on Kendal Haven's (his book at Amazon) Friday morning keynote; they talk about story swaps/slams and make plans for the next call. It's a fast ten minutes of oral-storytelling shop talk.

In PART 2: Sean and Harriet discuss a bit about Dr. Kevin Cordi's workshop on developing stories and play; Harriet give a solid synopsis of Kendall Haven's morning keynote as well as some personal reflection. About 11 minutes of content.

In PART 3: Harriet and Sean talk about Harriet's experience presenting a workshop at the conference (like a rolling barrel); the gathering of tribes as family; being interviewed by the Apple Seed team; why you need to pack a really good bag when you present workshops on the road.

In PART 4: Harriet is home here in the blast-furnace of Arizona and she and Sean talk about: the wrap up of the NSN conference; the ride home; how this conference is different than others; the idea of folktales and personal tales; the One Story-Many Voices project here in AZ; alternative conference models; Harriet'swebsite and youth project. It's a 15-minute wrap of the conference and a few ideas for moving forward. You can listen now for free, of course. Thanks for being a part.

You can listen in to the 2015 (files are mp3) under the section labeled "Listen to the Amphitheater" lower on the page.

Need more? You can find the links to the 2014 recordings at this link.

Listen To The Amphitheater:
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<> Part 1
<> Part 2
<> Part 3
<> Part 4

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