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Scary Stories for Halloween
With: Jack O Lantern [website]

Boo!! A rather special edition of the Amphitheater with some "seasonal stories" for Halloween 2014. We'll drip some stories on you from October 27th until Halloween appears. Featuring the storytelling from great storytellers right here at Get Ready....

Monday: Mary Grace Ketner shares the story of "La Llarona" that she tells us is "told by a genuine south Texan." You can hear the story (below the graphic)when you click on "Part 1."

Tuesday: Our second story is "Cold Feet" told by Arizona-based storyteller Glenda Bonin. You can listen to her story when you click on "Part Two" in the links below the graphics below.

Wednesday: Today we change it up just a bit and present storytelling by Priscilla Howe who share her story of "Chickens." Recorded live before an audience of giggly children,this one is fun for everybody. You can listen to this story using the link below labeled "Part Three."

Thursday: We're treating you to some storytelling by Judith Black. She'll share with you the story of how the Jack O'Lantern came to be. You can listen to this story when you click the "Part 4" link below.

Friday: "The Farmer and the Demon." a Grimm fairytale, is told by Sean Buvala. Sean is also the director of You can listen in now when you click on the "Part 5" link below

Our clammy-handy thanks to the web of storytellers who have graciously (but in a spooky kind of way) lent their stories for your enjoyment. Thanks to Kieran for voiceover help. Music thanks to: "Day of Chaos" and "Come Play with Me" by Kevin MacLeod ( Music only: Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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