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Fairy Borrowing*
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#NSNStoryCon 2014 with Carolyn Stearns
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#NSNStoryCon 2014 with Priscilla Howe
With: Priscilla Howe [website]

Let's talk story poems. Long-time directory member (and supporter and presenter) Priscilla Howe sat down with Sean Buvala at the "National Storytelling Network's" annual conference in the Summer of 2014.

Sean and Priscilla talk about her new work in "story poems," the value of changing stories to fit an audience and Priscilla's new adventures as a Fulbright Artist in Bulgaria.

A fun 15 minutes with two professional storytellers chatting and telling.

Listen now when you click the Part 1 link below.

You can hear more interviews from the #NSNStorycon2014 at this link here.

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<> Part 1

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