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Beauty and the Beast: One Story, Many Voices
With: Staff at [website]

What are the stories of "Beauty and the Beast?" What do they mean?

We had five unique storytellers with diverse backgrounds and with local, national and international experience in telling stories. We turned them loose with the goal of telling a story from the "tale type" of 425C. What does that mean? Five tellers presented "Beauty and the Beast" stories from a variety of cultures and locations such as England, Switzerland, Southwest United States and Nigeria.

Following the great performances, a discussion was held between tellers and audience. YOU can listen in now to the performances and the discussion that followed. Soon, you will be able to read the printed transcript of the discussion, too.

You'll find the links to the audio at the bottom of this page. Scroll past the descriptions and pictures.

Part One: Sean Buvala welcomes the audience to the performance of "One Story, Many Voices: Beauty and the Beast." He also tells the story of "The Small-Toothed Dog."

Part Two: Mark Compton tells "The Bear Prince."

Part Three: Elly Reidy shares the first-person tale of "The Singing Bird."

Part Four: Marilyn Omifunke Torres tells the legend of "Oshun and Ogun."

Part Five: Harriet Cole tells the tale of "The Land of Mogollo" from the book "Benigna's Chimayo: Cuentos from the Old Plaza"

Part Six: The audience and storytellers sit down for a discussion about fairytales, stories, storytelling and the presentations they have just shared.

Part Seven: The continuation of part six.

Part Eight: The entire performance, in one file, of "One Story, Many Voices: Beauty and the Beast" from March 21, 2014. About 72 minutes.

Performance and discussion took place on Friday, March 21, 2014 in Avondale, Arizona.

Something Extra: A complete transcript of the entire after-telling discussion. Need more Arizona storytelling events? Please visit the calendar at Mark Goldman's excellent website.

Beauty and the Beast Storytellers Tale Type 425C. One Story, Many Voices March 21, 2014
(L to R)Mark Compton, Elly Reidy, Harriet Cole, Marilyn Omifunke Torres, Sean Buvala

You can also listen to another one of our "One Story, Many Voices" concerts and discussions when you click here now.

Listen To The Amphitheater:
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<> Part 1
<> Part 2
<> Part 3
<> Part 4
<> Part 5
<> Part 6
<> Part 7
<> Part 8

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