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Tim Ereneta: Going -Old School- on Fairy Tales
With: Tim Ereneta [website]

We are very happy to feature storyteller Tim Ereneta in this Amphitheater. Although Tim, a storyteller in California, has been in the Amphitheater before, it was always as a volunteer reporter on other storytelling events. Now, we turn the tables as director, Sean Buvala, talks with our guest about Tim's own work as a storyteller.

Tim Ereneta tells classic tales to contemporary audiences. Or, as he says on his Twitter account, he goes "old-school" on fairy tales. In this four-part interview, Tim covers a variety of storytelling techniques and issues including sources of stories, creating through improvisation, telling to adult audiences and more. Settle in and enjoy this interview available to you free-of-charge in the Amphitheater. Files are presented in .mp3 audio.

In Part One, Tim discusses his unique use of classic fairy tales for diverse adult audiences, observing the "resonance" of these world stories in his listeners.

In Part Two, Tim and Sean talk about how theater can train storytellers; how actors can learn from tellers; and how improv may already be a natural skill of narrative artists.

In Part Three, Tim reflects on his newest venture of home concerts. He also discusses the ways storytellers can approach Fringe festivals- nakedness not required.

In Part Four, Sean hears from Tim about his methods of marketing his own work. They also discuss Tim's biggest challenges and joys as a working storyteller. Finally, Tim answers (twice) our famous last question regarding advice for new tellers.

You can find out more about Tim at his website at this link

Listen To The Amphitheater:
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<> Part 3
<> Part 4

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