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Ellouise Schoettler: Creating With The Universal Nature of Stories
With: Ellouise Schoettler [website]

This Amphitheater features a discussion with Maryland storyteller Ellouise Schoettler. Ellouise has created her own unique storytelling process called "The New Front Porch." Blending personal tales, historical research, genealogy and world tales, Ellouise creates programs unlike those of other storytellers. Come take a seat in our Amphitheater as Ellouise talks about this and other subjects with director, Sean Buvala.

This interview is in three parts and is presented in .mp3 audio. Use the links below to listen in.

In Part One, Ellouise talks about her "New Front Porch" approach; her adaptation of multiple artistic modalities including storytelling techniques and collage for the "concept of creation" approach; and the role of genealogy, old letters and the idea that stories of both the family you know and the family you are meeting are "universal stories."

In Part Two, Ellouise shares with Sean about how her own blogging contributes to her art; how stories grow more stories; the struggles with digital storytelling and the need to see an audience eye-to-eye; and her experiences in asking others for their stories as she adds people to her family

In Part Three, Ellouise reflects about the importance of investing in her business as a storyteller even in hard times; the joys and challenges of being a working artist; how our desires to perform change and grow as we move from one audience type to another; and her advice to new tellers- why they should begin by learning folktales before other stories.

Along with her page here at, you can find Ellouise's main website at

Posted August 2009.

Listen To The Amphitheater:
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<> Part 1
<> Part 2
<> Part 3

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