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Karol Brown: Historical Storytelling for Health Education
With: Karol and James Brown [website]

In this Amphitheater, Sean Buvala interviews storyteller, health educator and historian Karol Brown. Hailing from the U.S. Northwest in Washington State, Karol has created a unique presentation of historical figure Harriet Tubman. Along with her husband James, Karol has created a unique first-person storytelling event from the perspective of Harriet Tubman at 92 years old. Rather than just focusing on the "Underground Railroad" portion of Harriet's life, Karol brings Miss Tubman's entire life into perspective.

Karol also brings her training and background as a health-educator into her work of storytelling. We think you will enjoy her unique perspectives on historical and health-related storytelling.

You can find Karol's website at .

In part one, Sean talks with Karol about her creation of the "Harriet Tubman" presentation and why it is unlike any other presentation regarding this special historical figure.

In part two, Karol and Sean explore applications of historical telling as well as future projects involving health education and storytelling.

In part three, Karol talks about the unique rewards and challenges of being a working teller, the travails of travel and her advice for those looking towards joining the ranks of those who are called to storytelling.

Listen to this Amphitheater in .mp3 audio by clicking the links below.

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<> Part 1
<> Part 2
<> Part 3

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