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Roly-Poly Rice Ball*
Told By Elizabeth Falconer

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#NSNStoryCon 2014 with Lyn Ford
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Interview With Rachel Hedman 2009
With: Rachel Hedman [website]

We continue our Amphitheater series this month with an interview with working storyteller Rachel Hedman. Rachel is one of the new breed of storytellers that have directed their career plans toward the art of storytelling since high-school.

In our interview, Rachel talks a bit about being a storyteller since her teen years and her first days as a working storyteller.

In part two, Rachel goes much more in depth about the power and importance of knowing what your niche is, not falling for the "rock star" allure of storytelling festivals and the importance of knowing the power and need for marketing your work as an artist.

In part three of this storytelling podcast, Rachel talks about her new DVD "Family Famine: Hunger for Love." Sean calling the two-disk DVD a "quantum leap" in the storytelling world, Rachel talks about the things that went right and the things she will change for the next DVD. Rachel concludes with her advice to new storytellers. Read Sean's Review.

This interview is an inside look at the real life of the working performing artist. You can listen to all three parts of the interview by clicking the links below. This Amphitheater is presented in .mp3 audio.

Listen To The Amphitheater:
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<> Part 1
<> Part 2
<> Part 3

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