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Northlands Storytelling Festival 2009*
With: Tim Ereneta [website]

Storyteller Tim Ereneta attended the 2009 Northlands Storytelling Conference in Wisconsin. Northlands is a storytelling guild composed of members in the US states of Illinois,Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin.

Tim called us to share his thoughts and reflections each day. Click on the links directly below to hear (mp3) Tim's thoughts and reports as he and director Sean Buvala share a conversation.

Note: In part three, Tim talks more about his workshop, among other things. Tim taught about Fringe Festivals and how they relate to storytellers. Part three is much like listening to a mini workshop.

You can find Tim's blog at

Listen to the interviews in mp3:
Part One: Friday
Part Two: Saturday
Part Three: Sunday

In addition, here are some other related links.

The RSS FEED from the Twitter postings is at this link here.

We found three folks using Twitter "hashtags" from this conference:

Dale Jarvis is posting some conference pictures at his Flckr account at this link. The picture above of Tim Ereneta "Twittering" and the thumbmail newspic on the front page are courtesy of Dale's collection.

Listen To The Amphitheater:
In Windows Media Player
<> Part 1
<> Part 2
<> Part 3

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